Thursday, July 29, 2010

Progress on the Villane

Knitting News:

I've completed the body of the Villane. It doesn't look too differently from the pictures I took the other day. I just have the collar and button bands left and I might actually make my own self-imposed goal of completing it by the end of July.

The Lettuce is coming along quite nicely, and will probably be done in a couple of weeks. If keep it up at the same pace, sooner.

As soon as I'm done with the Villane, I'll start on the Travel Shawl. Hmm. Just noticed a theme in my shawls lately. Traveling Woman. Travel Shawl. Think maybe my subconscious is attempting to tell me something through my knitting? Or not. It's never been a great secret that I've got a fierce desire to travel.

Random Photo time:

On Tuesday night, this gentleman was making sand art in the middle of Union Square. About an hour later he was done, stepped back to admire his work, and some jackass wearing an iPod walked straight through the middle of it without even noticing what he had done. Ah, New York.

The light in NYC during the summer is amazing. Here's a shot of the late evening sun hittign a building down 16th Street from Union Square West:

Coffee Shop, which you can see on the corner on the left hand side, is quite good, but very spendy. Also trendy. I think one night we walked by and for some reason all of the (young and attractive) waitstaff was either shirtless (men) or wearing bikini tops (women). Another night the staff was all wearing Western themed shirts and cowboy hats. Anybody know the story on this one?

Random Thoughts time:

I'm thinking about upgrading my blog to Wordpress and (gasp) actually paying to have it hosted somewhere. Blogger is driving me crazy.

Which also kind of leads into my next thought. Bruce had suggested a while back that I start an online knitting publication. After a fairly long contemplation of this idea, I feel like this has been done really well by other people, such as Knitty and Twist Collective. Both of these publications are fabulous, and I'm not really seeing any need to compete with them.

However, I was struck by Hannah Fettig's idea of selling kits of her own patterns and suggested yarns, and I'm liking that idea quite a lot. I like how she's done it, and how she's quite specifically edited the colorways that she offers.

I'll leave it at that for a moment. I'm still fleshing out my own idea and I'm not sure I'm ready to talk about it (simply because it may be half-baked at this point), but it's definitely rolling around in my head.


  1. I missed the guy doing the sand art the other day. I am on his e-mailing list (if it's the same guy) and I've been wanting to catch him somewhere. So mad I missed this one--you got a good shot of it!

  2. oooh I see some ideas are abrewing! How exciting in that exciting beginning stage. Also, how is it that your coffee shops sound so much more fun then ours? Though we have Hannah Fettig....

  3. Oh I can't wait to hear what you're think about! Do tell when you know more!

  4. I'm with Kate!

    And, btw, where should we travel to next?

  5. Wow wonderful art! Thank you for more shots from my :-) city I love it!
    Oh yeah, I can see you go travelling - all the way over to Norway. You already know the language - hummer, øl and pingviner is more than enough to make yourself understood. Btw bet it is you husband that knew the word øl :-) But you need to know the word strikketøy, as a knitter, you will not survive without it :-) Yay, go girl - hope to hear and see more of your idea with the kits!