Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It's no lomsters and M&Ms...

But it is a better world. A world where Sweet Georgia yarn has come into my life, thanks to my dear sister-in-law, Ella and her fiance Ryan. Cashmere Sweet Georgia, no less.

cashsilk lace: 45% cashmere, 55% silk in botanical: (none of my cameras, not even the SLR, could get a good shot of this color today. Sorry)

superwash worsted: 100% merino in cypress: (the color is pretty true in this photo)

cashluxe fine: 70% superwash merino, 20% cashmere, 10% nylon in boheme: (colors are pretty true in this photo too)

Ella once again made a trip to Urban Yarns in Vancouver, Canada, which is rapidly becoming one of my favoritest stores ever in the whole entire world, and I've never even been there.

Thank you, Ella!

Also, I did a side-by-side comparison of photos from my Pentax point and shoot and Olympus digital SLR today (for the first time) and boy, does my ancient (at least 5 years old) little SLR blow my Pentax out of the water. The quality difference is mind boggling.

I don't seem to be having any problems with light and exposure and stuff with the SLR, however, I do have a pretty big problem with focusing it. Even when its on auto focus, out of 30 pictures, I'd say three were actually in focus.

Partially this is due to my lack of depth perception (I have none. I can't see traditional 3D movies, although the new digital 3D is better, as long as I sit close to the center of the theater, keep my head perfectly level, and don't move at all while watching. It takes a while to refocus after I take my eyes away from the screen), and partially due to not having used the camera much. Now that I have all the proper equipment, and know where to get batteries for my camera, I will be using it more frequently. So we'll see if this problem gets solved in the near future.

In knitting news, the Lettuce is coming along nicely, I'm almost done with the top part of the yoke. I'll be dividing for the sleeves and joining for the bottom part of the V neck shortly. It's progressing a lot faster than the other Hannah Fettig things I've knitted before. Maybe because I am more experienced/faster/better with the knitting? No clue.

You would think that after a year and a half of knitting, I would be able to remember which way M1R and M1L goes, however, I am apparently on crack, and have to look it up at least once a day while working on the Lettuce. Go figure.

I am less than ten rows away from having completed the body of the Villane, and am getting ready to do the button band. I tried it on last night and it looks awesome. I was thinking that it was going way too smoothly, and I was right. I discovered that I unevenly divided the ribbing. According to the pictures, I was supposed to have three ribs on either side of the sleeves, however, on three of the four sides I have two ribs, and on one side I have three. I think I can live with this. I really don't feel like ripping back to fix the problem, and I don't think anybody will notice. Maybe just other knitters.

And finally, a quote from Hobbygasa, who posted this comment on one of my blog entries the other day. It is cracking me up more than a week after she wrote it:

"My DH do not longer ask when I frog... He just say; oh so now you are finished reading the pattern and are about to start knitting."

Every time I rip back a stitch, I think about what her husband says, and just about die laughing. It makes the ripping process a lot easier. Thank you!


  1. Looks like she has the best taste for yarn your sister in law - I would like a sister in law like that too :-) Lovely yarn! Sounds like fun to go together with you on the movies :-) But seriously, that must be a big problem for you. But you know, if you have problems to focus with your camera, there may be a problem with the lens... I am no expert, but I know that lenses some times get out of focus, and I think it can be repared...
    Lol you are so welcome to that comment :-) My DH is so happy that you find it amusing - he never get a laugh from me when he make this comment :-) I can't seem to find a smile for him when I hear this, ripping my project for the hundred time :-)

  2. I love the cypress, what a pretty color!

  3. hee hee! That's a great perspective. Kind of like "That was only a practice run"

    Good to know about the new 3D movies. My SK doesn't have depth perception either. Maybe we'll give the new movies a shot.


  4. Interesting news about the Olympus. We'll have to try it out at the Botanical Gardens!

  5. Oh my gosh! I have the same problem with M1R/L!! I don't know what is wrong with me.

    Which Olympus SLR do you have? I recently saved up and bought my first DSLR in's the E-600. I am still learning, but boy is there a difference between that and the point and shoot, like you said!