Thursday, December 2, 2010


I started designing a thing the other day, but I can't really write about it because it is a gift for Bruce.

I promise, either after Christmas or as soon as I accidentally spill the beans (or Bruce figures out what it is), I'll share some details. I am totally jazzed about this designing thing though.

Unfortunately, I don't really have any other knitting news. I'm working on honey cowl the third, which is unbelievably dull, and on another secret project that I can't talk about.

And I'll be teaching an increasingly large group of ladies to knit on Saturday! I'm about to prep some materials for that, so I'll be really prepared.

However, to add some photos in to the post, I'll give you some of the projects that've caught my eye on Rav this week:

Wandering Cowl by Jennifer Lang

Golden Wheat Cardigan by Veera Välimäki

Stockholm Scarf by knittedblissJC

Did I do any damage to your queues? (I have almost 400 patterns in my queue. As much for inspiration as for intention to actually knit).


  1. So does the Stockholm scarf lock you in its basement and, over time, you come to identify with it.

    Because, you know, that would make sense.

  2. Looking forward to see the thing, actually I hope Bruce figure it out - cause I am a really curious person :-) Wishing you lots of luck for Saturday, bet you all will have an awsome time. My friend - you can never damage my Rav queu - only give me more inspiration :-) Like the Stockholm scarf - beautiful!

  3. sounds like an interesting "thing" you are designing. i love that you are teaching knitting----that's great.

    those rav photos are amazing. all queue-worthy for sure!!!!

  4. You made me go look. I have 586. lol Yeah, that'll happen. I just love looking through the patterns and too many catch my eye. I think it's time to go cull a few (or a lot). Hmm, I do really like that cowl...