Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Helen (OfTroy, donchaknow), over at Golden Apples recently asked me to test knit (my answer: HECK YEAH!) one of her patterns.

It's called Helen's Waterfall Lace Scarf (rav link, for sale for US $3) and it is a gorgeous, simple knit. I'm about 20 inches into it now, and I gotta say, it keeps my attention, which rocks, because if I get bored with a pattern that is the kiss of death. Another benefit is that this knit moves SUPER quickly, so you get a lot of progress for a seemingly small amount of effort.

I'm using a US 5 needle, and Oasis Yarn Aussi Sock in the Fall Melody colorway. I'm kind of dubious about this yarn, it feels really stiff and scratchy, so I'm hoping it softens up after I wash and block.

Here's a picture of the scarf un-stretched:

And a picture stretched out. I haven't stretched it to the fullest yet, but in the photo below its width is about 8 inches. (Taking this picture involved something closely akin to a one person game of twister. I eventually ended up stretching it out with my feet while leaning over to take a picture. Pinning it wasn't working for me for some reason. Possibly because my brain is completely heat addled, and something. Anyway. I cropped my feet out for you all. For which you should be thankful, as I managed to slice off part of one of my toes on Father's Day.):

In other news, all is well in writing land. I'm having a kind of slow afternoon - the pickings are slim for titles on the site that I am writing for right now. I had no desire to write about "Odontogenic Dysplasia" (nor any ability to write on that subject, to be perfectly honest). Thus I decided to play hooky from my day job and write a quick blog post.

Generally, I prefer large periods of solitude in my day, and unfortunately, I have not been afforded that liberty in any of my jobs for the past six years. Which blows. To make matters worse, in my last job I was working with engineers, and therefore became the go-to social person in the office (ironic, no?) and was completely exhausted by the end of my working day, with no desire to get out an socialize after work or on the weekends.

I'm finding that my hermit tendencies are easing up now that I'm not have any human interaction during the day. This is a good thing. I should probably become less of a hermit. (I'm also really good at stating the obvious, if you haven't already noticed.)


  1. Thank--but yes, it is a great stitch pattern isn't it? not hard, but not boring either--I was surprised myself at how interesting it was!

    Love your yarn, too.

  2. Looks beautiful, and I love the colors in your yarn! If I end up with stiff yarn I always put a bit hair conditioner in the water when I soak it :-) Works every time :-)

  3. Yes, engineers are not usually the life of the party. I'm sorry about your toe!

    The knit looks wonderful. I think I need one of those right now. I know I just knit several very satisfying slippers, but I still think I need a quick, pretty knit.

    Oh, and you know you can felt by hand too? Just hot water and friction (= a bit of arm strength). I once felted 30 squares of wool blanket in my dorm room, in a bucket. Every time the water got too cool, I'd have to dump it out in the shower stall (praying that no one saw me) and refill with more hot, soapy water, and lug it back to my room. Disregarding the fact that I'm an utter lunatic, you can totally felt some slippers in your sink. The Yarn Harlot did it by hand too! although I think that was a bathtub...