Tuesday, June 8, 2010

An exceedingly busy week

Lots of knitting done. I'm finished with the Tiny Tea Leaves for Georgia. Of course, I have no photos. Will try to get some tonight

I'll be picking the Villane back up shortly.

Lessee. This past week, I saw this:
James Webb Space Telescope, soon to replace the Hubble
Ate lunch here:
Stone Street, NYC (near my work)
My sister-in-law Ella got engaged:
Ella and Ryan
And we joined Ella and Ryan and a few thousand other folks for a Liver Foundation walk through Battery Park (and Battery Park City):

We also had friends over for a chili cooking experiement on Sunday (in our apartment with no AC in 90 degree heat. Yeah, we has the smarts), which was lovely.

Somehow with all this activity, I managed to find time to knit an entire sweater? I'm not entirely sure how that happened.

Today Anthony Bourdain is signing books at our local Borders (at Wall Street) and I'm going to pop over there, scope out the crowd, and maybe meet him if it isn't too insane.

I've only seen one book signing at that Borders that got insane, and it was for some Yankees player or something. I'm not really sure. It was definitely sports related.


  1. Stone Street--the first paved street in New Amsterdam--Home to the (then) local taverns and breweries.

    and being busy is the best way to get things (knitting included) done!

  2. I don't need photos of knitting when I can look at streetshots from NYC :-) Thank you! But that is not true, I really want to see your knitting too - I want both! My dream is to live by the sea - AND to see in RL buildings as tall as you have in your town, amazing.

  3. That telescope is amazing. Sorry I missed it!