Wednesday, June 16, 2010


As I may have mentioned, I recently quit my job. This past Thursday was my last day. I have been going back in for a few hours here and there to help out my replacement, however yesterday I had an experience that completely reaffirmed my decision to quit. I shall not detail said experience here, but suffice to say, it felt good to walk out when things got crappy rather than be obligated to stay there and take it.

Now I am out on my own. I am currently working on my freelance writing career, and worrying about money. Which I suppose is a good motivator for me. I'm scared about what's going to happen, and exhilarated to be working for myself.

This picture seemed appropriate here:

My ultimate goal is to make a living writing about knitting, writing patterns, and generally being involved in the fiber world. I want to do something I love regarding a subject that I love. I wrote a sample piece on designing knitted garments yesterday as an audition for a site, so hopefully I'll hear something positive back from that effort. If not, then I have some solid writing under my belt and I can use it as a piece for somebody else.

And yes, I have been knitting. After a truly craptacular day yesterday, I knitted like a demon on my Traveling Woman shawl, and have nearly completed it. I just have the final lace chart to get through. Who knew that knitting angry could be so productive?

Blue laundry day at my backdoor neighbor's apartment:


  1. I know that feeling Virginia, a really gooood feeling when nothing is your responsibility anymore :-) Hope you will make it as a writer, I am sure you will - so keep up the good work, and have patience. Love your first shot, it is telling much - and I love your second shot too, sure is telling much also :-)

  2. That is so scary and so incredible! You have talent as a writer, you make me laugh every time you leave a comment. Good luck!

  3. good luck with your new endeavors. i am sure you will love your new independence!

  4. My ultimate goal and yours are the same :-) Unfortunately, I'm still at my day job. Fortunately, I like the firm I work for. Otherwise, it's the only way to support my thus-far-not-income-producing yarn habit. Worse, I've been working OT at my day job and haven't even had much time to knit. Sigh. Guess I'll have to live my free-to-knit life vicariously through you ;-)

  5. There's something about blue laundry that makes me feel optimistic.

  6. Congrats on a fresh start :) It is scary and exhilirating and so brave!