Sunday, May 30, 2010

Georgia's Wispy

I finished it this morning. It was a really quick and easy knit. It's currently blocking as you can see here:

That's Georgia's foot in the photo. She was helping me "style" the shoot.

It was a pretty quick and easy knit, and highlighted a couple of shortcomings of my knitting technique as it stands at the moment.

1. I suck at ribbing.
2. I need to learn a tubular (or some other stretchy) cast-off because my standard old cast-off just isn't working.

Also, I had Georgia try it on, and got the response that warms the cockles of every knitting mother's (or grandmother's, or whomever's) heart:



. . .

In other news, Georgia and I spent yesterday afternoon in Manhattan. We got haircuts and then wandered over to Lincoln Center to look at the fancy new architecture.

There's a swoopy new lawn on top of a building that is a lot of fun to run around on (as Georgia demonstrated yesterday), and the reflecting pool is reopened. And the lovely people at the Lincoln Center thoughtfully put an extremely poetic and picturesque trash can DEAD CENTER in the middle of the plaza, so as to vastly increase the photographability of the area. Oy.

The plaza was full of achingly hip and cultured people, as you can tell by the litter that Georgia and I found:

But overall, I like the new lawn and the reflecting pool (which I haven't seen before, because this part of the plaza has been blocked off for years). It got a terrible review in the New York Times (the article has lots more pictures), but I'm kind of enjoying it. Although honestly, my response to the "unveiling" was basically "They had the entire joint closed down for years for this?"

Ah well. Can't have it all. But we do have a swoopy new lawn and people who smoke snooty French cigarettes. Really, what more can you ask for?


  1. cute sweater! i hope she wears it even though it itches :)

  2. haha! Oh, the hipsters...a friend and I were thinking that we could get rid of many of them, just by openly acknowledging how cool they are. Isn't that the draw - that they are "undiscovered" and ironically fashionable? So if you walk up to them and say "Oh, that's so cool! Where can I get one?!" then it's been discovered and no longer fashionable. Seems like a fascinating idea...

    I think that when you are knitting at such a loose gauge, it's almost impossible to make ribbing look good. It's not you. And the sweater is super cute! :)

  3. Beautiful Wispy! I love the colors. Oh no, this lovely knit can not be able to itch :-) Great to see photos from the center, it looks like a lovely place. Too bad with the trash can - obviously not a photointerested guy who has placed it there :-)

  4. Maybe the city can allot $16 million to move the trash can four feet to the left!