Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cinnamon Grace is done!

In time for Jorie's birthday, too. Amazing.

Now, if I can only remember to get it the mail on time.

Yarn: Malabrigo Sock (not an entire skein)
Needles: 4 US

Here's the whole thing:

Detail of the ruffle:

The ruffle causes the scarf/shawlette (whatever) to curl nicely:

And a shot of my reluctant model, who consented to drape the scarf over her arm for the shots above, but refused to wear the darned thing:

I kinda want to make one for myself now. (A Cinnamon Grace, not another kiddo. Not at this point anyway.)


  1. very pretty--the ruffle makes all the difference!

    (i wasn't familiar with this pattern.. and now.. maybe i need to make one.. (i have to stop knitting socks some time!)

  2. That's a gorgeous scarf, and your pics are beautiful!

  3. Great photos! Is that the size it will be or will you be blocking it? It seems narrow for a shawl. I love the color though, it's really, really lovely!

  4. Wow this is beautiful! A lucky one that gets this as a gift. Is this a Ravelrypattern... Hmmm I think I really need one too :-)

  5. MmmmmMALABRIGO! I love the ruffle :)

  6. That scarf looks fantastic!!!

  7. It looks fantastic, love your work!