Monday, September 24, 2012

Color Affection Affliction

So while I was in the Washington, DC area for my friend's wedding, I stopped in at the lovely LYS, Fibre Space, which just happened to be having an exceedingly large Miss Babs trunk show that day.

I succumbed, and bought one of their exceedingly lovely Color Affection kits. Because I am a sucker. And this yarn was really pretty. And I've been wanting to make a Color Affection shawl. And because my husband is awesome and totally indulges my knitting habit because he frequently gets knitted items out of it. And he rocks.

Here is the yarn I got. It's the Yet Lace kit in Roasted Pumpkin, Coventry and Pewter. All three colors are twisted together, but they are individual skeins:

I cannot tell you all how much I love that store. I try to get in there every time I visit my friend, and I usually come away with some seriously awesome yarn. They seem to make a point of carrying local and harder-to-find brands, and they curate their colorways beautifully. There's also a lovely seating area right next to an enormous picture window for knitting, and when I was there it was full of knitters and their little dogs too.

Anyway, this time around they had these awesome reusable project bags that they used for their shopping bags. LOVE it! Love the drawstring.


  1. i love those colors..Love the bag also..

  2. Beautiful yarn -- and it's nice to finally see what's in that bag!