Saturday, September 1, 2012

All the things I did wrong

Apparently my brain was on vacation when I knit this sweater:

It is a Snug, a quick and easy baby knit. And apparently I was just not functioning AT ALL when I made it.

A short (but by no means exhaustive) list:

  1. Started the sleeve rounds at the top of the shoulder instead of the armpit, so the row transition (knit in the round) is pretty visible. (and ugly)
  2. Was apparently on crack when I started the round for the hood (you can see the VISIBLE join of the yarn on the left side of the photo, about an inch from the armpit. But I was on crack on only one side, because the other side is ok? WTH?
  3. Ran out of yarn on the cast off for the hood, so only about a quarter inch was left, barely enough to weave in, as it keeps popping out.
  4. Did mattress stitch on the back of the hood for stockinette stitch instead of garter stitch, which  now leaves a nicely visible line of stockinette for the seam.
  5. I think one sleeve is about six rows longer than the other.
  6. My crocheted button loop is WAY too big.
  7. I apparently decided that apple green thread was the PERFECT match for this sweater, so that's what I used to sew the button on.
  8. And finally, even though this sweater only took me a couple of hours to knit, I decided not to rip any of it back, and just finished it, for completely unknown reasons, even though it looks like poopydoodle. 
I am amazed at how many problems I packed into this teeny tiny sweater. Anyway, my sister in law loves it, warts and all, and is excited to put this on her little one, when he actually shows up. Which should be soon. She is feeling about 11 months pregnant, and is due towards the end of this month.

I'm also working on a swirl shawl right now, and it is taking FOREVER. I also screwed that one up in a pretty major way (around the same time that I made this sweater) and ended up having to rip and entire row of swirls back. Because I was joining them incorrectly. Which was not so much genius as not genius.

Georgia and I are heading off in a few minutes to help a friend continue to set up her yarn store (Seaport Yarns. They just moved from the 5th to the 4th floor in the same building) and we've been having a total blast playing yarn store. Plus, I'm getting paid in yarn. WOO! Plus, plus, I'm spending the whole day fondling and smelling and mentally shopping for yarn. And helping customers. And talking about yarn. And looking at all the pretty colors... sigh. It is a little slice of heaven.

Health-wise, I'm doing a bit better. I'm still feeling pretty tired, but looks like the problems I was having earlier this year have cleared up, and my tests have come back with good results, so, YAY!


  1. I'm glad to hear that you are feeling better! That must be fun to be in a yarn shop for a while, touching and smelling all the fibery goodness. :o)

  2. Good to hear you are doing better! I think the Snug is cute :-)

  3. Honey, those aren't mistakes. They're ART (note the flourish).

  4. love ya girly! I'm off to eat pasta and photograph Italia for a few months!! check out sidebar of my blog for link to new italy blog so you can come with me!! see ya in november~~