Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Why Mommy Needs a Drink.

1. Thought oh, I'll make dinner. I have all the ingredients for mini pesto/prosciutto pizza cups.
2. Can't find the muffin tin in which I make the mini pizza cups.
3. Can't find any cookie sheets on which to bake pizzas.
4. Realize I don't have any mozzarella that is not in the form of string cheese. Tear up string cheese to put on pizzas.
5. Decide to make mini pizzas on the pizza stone in the oven. Brilliant!
6. Read instructions on pizza dough container. Preheat oven to 475 (F)
7. Assemble pizzas.
8. Put pizzas on pizza stone.
9. Read instructions on pizza dough container. Set timer for 13 minutes.
10. Child spills huge glass of water all over everything in dining room.
11. Oven starts pouring out smoke.
12. Mommy starts to go insane opening windows and trying to remember where the smoke detector is so that I could turn it off.
13. Child starts going "what's happening? Can I help?" and getting underfoot.
14. Mommy moves fan from bedroom into kitchen, whacking child in the head in the process, due to item number 13.
15. Fan does not help.
16. Mommy remembers the pizzas. Opens the oven to take a look. After the smoke clears, realizes that all of the pizzas have burned.
17. Daddy, who has been recovering from a respiratory illness, comes home to find the house full of smoke. Starts coughing.  Not good.
18. We scrape the tops off the pizzas and eat. The tops were good, if a little smoky.
19. The apartment still smells of smoke.
20. Begin consumption of alcohol.


  1. You are NOT alone there! That happened to me not long ago. With me it's that I don't wait around for things to bake/cock etc. go on the internet instead, and that's the result. Spilled water glass is a good distraction too. Hope alcohol helped?!

  2. What you don't normally use the smoke alarm as a kitchen timer? Wow, you are a great cook.

    Blowing up the pressure cooker--now that was a bad day. burnt pizza, (cookies, rolls, etc) just a normal one!

    Unlike the commercial (IT GETS BETTER) it doesn't. You just learn to laugh.

  3. Yay it works! I'm back with comments :-)

  4. After a day like that you deserve a whole bottle of drinks!

  5. The only sound in our house worse than our smoke detector is the CO monitor - man, is that thing LOUD!

    (And it was only going off because the backup battery was low, so we couldn't just flee the sound, argh.)

  6. You know, that's pretty much how it went. Smoked mini pizzas with prociutto and string cheese. A wonderful, lung-clearing dinner!

  7. we burned a pizza on our pizza stone a few months ago. it stunk! we had to get rid of our pizza stone after that.