Sunday, September 18, 2011

I'm going to cheat on Bruce's sweater

This morning, after sitting down with a cup of tea and reflecting on the fact that I can sit down with a cup of tea and not melt instantaneously, simply because the temperature today is considerably more civilized than it was three days ago.

I was writing a sentence with a point...

Oh yes, so after sitting down with a cup of tea, I determined that knitting on Bruce's sweater right now was driving me insane, and it was time to cheat.

So a year after I made my Snapdragon Tam (which I love, and was the first piece I broke out as soon as the weather got cooler):

I am making the matching Snapdragon Flip-Tops:

Photo Courtesy of Ysolda

And as Bruce just pointed out, I did the hat in the color that Ysolda suggested, which I think is a first for me. However, the color is just so bright and cheery and is so wonderful to wear in the dregs of winter that I couldn't resist. The mitts will match.

I have about three more pairs of Snapdragon mitts to knit for other people after I get done with this pair. One out of madtosh and another out of malabrigo silky merino. However, I'm a little concerned how well the silky merino will hold up as mittens.

Anyway, so yes. I am cheating. I have informed Bruce of this. I'm sure he's disappointed in me, but I have to say, I'm pretty impressed with myself for staying monogamous for a whole month almost.


  1. You deserve a break from sweater knitting! The color of the tam/mittens is wonderful!

  2. It's amazing how fast we go from over excitement to boredom before we manage to finish the project. I was thinking lately about trying to knit 2 things at a same time and switching when getting bored. I think that the trick is to start them at the same time because if I start the second one when close to finish the first, than I need to force myself to finish the one I became bored with. I will give it a try, since I'm getting sick of never ending stories.

  3. hahahaha...and THIS, my dear, is what separates the northerner from the southerner. I read "flip flops" instead of "flip tops"!! So glad there was a pic cuz, for the life of me, could not figure out what a flip top was....says she who doesn't own a pair of gloves!!! And I sure couldn't believe there was such a thing as knitted flip flops!!!! Heh.

  4. I completely understand the need for some colour - and those mittens are just gorgeous.

    We are currently going from cold to hot here - and today is the second day of sunshine and no need for socks with shoes - I am not even wearing a cardigan!!

  5. I am sure Bruce will understand that you need a break from stockinette :-) But don't you turn that sweater into an ufo, it is way to beautiful for that. Flip tops are very useful, I use min all winter together with my camera :-)

  6. Those mittens are just gorgeous. I think any color would suit them.