Monday, September 12, 2011

Two patterns of great awesomeness

While browsing around on Rav, (and fantasizing about new projects) I found these two patterns which were released recently and look awesome.

First, Octopus Mittens:

Heck YEAH!

Secondly, the super cute Winter's Tree cardigan:

Here's another version:

Yes, I am still working on Bruce's sweater. I've finished one sleeve and am working on the second. Should be done with sleeve two in a few days. Then onto the yoke and collar.


  1. I really think you should knit the octopus mittens :-)

  2. those mittens look awesome. i love the colors!

  3. The mittens are very cute and I think they would cheer you up in winter. But I'm kind of sad that it's preparing-for-the-winter time again, why does summer has to end???

  4. The mittens are truly fantastic, and I love the Tim Burton-esque Winter's Tree cardigan!