Sunday, August 14, 2011

Projects, Current and Future

After I finished up my Breezy, I jumped into the Northampton Neckerchief  (rav link) from the book New England Knits: Timeless Knitwear with a Modern Twist (amazon link). I'd purchased the yarn for it earlier this year, and have been excited about it, simply because I love the purply stripes and everything.

Photo from the book, courtesy of Interweave Knits.
However, it is a wee bit dull to knit, as the main part of the shawl is stockinette. And I eliminated the beads, as I didn't have any and I was feeling too lazy to go out and find all of the necessary supplies. Also, I wasn't too wild about them, hence the laziness. I'm also using slightly different colors than what was specified in the book, though I am using the same yarn (Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine).Here's my progress:

Secondly, I'm starting in on Bruce's second sweater. Hopefully it will go more quickly now that I'm more experienced and a slightly faster knitter. Plus, it's August, and I'll hopefully be able to finish this sweater by the time Christmas rolls around. I'm making him Brigade by Todd Glocken:

Photo courtesy of Todd Glocken.

For this sweater I'm also using Berroco Ultra Alpaca, this time in the worsted weight. Bruce picked the colorway "Pea Soup Mix" which is actually much deeper and greener than it appears in this photo:

I think I'll be able to cast on for it this afternoon. We're experiencing some rain, and have no desire to go gallivanting around the city.


  1. love the colourway for the shawl - and the green and the jumper are gorgeous - can't wait to see this being knit up

  2. I need a Northampton too, so beautiful, and lovely colors! I would use different beeds I think, or skip them... No I would use different. Yours are beautiful too, lovely colorchoise! And what a great sweater, lucky Bruce. Is that a zipper on the nech? You don't have to answer, I will check out your link :-) My man, your Bruce, lovely lovely green yarn :-) I picked up my Still Light tunic yesterday evening... Haven't knitted much since spring so it is time to do some honest work here :-)

  3. That neckerchief is so pretty! I might have to pick up a copy of that book and see what else it has.

    Bruce is such a lucky man. There's no way I have the patience to knit giant sweaters for Kevin.

  4. Love is...a woman who willingly submits to miles and miles of stockinette on your behalf!

    I'm a lucky, lucky man.

  5. You are so sweet my friend! Thank you for your offer, but I have some lovely alpaca that fits perfect for a neckerschief like that :-) Hoped that the pattern was at sale on rav but I now understand that it is in a book. Have to study the book to see if I purchase it, the price is a bit too much if I only like one pattern :-)

  6. love the look of that sweater for your hub. good luck getting it done!

  7. You have already done quite lot of that shawl! I like the colors, what can I say, I'm a huge fan of every shade of purple. I'm pretty sure that the green sweater is going to be finished waaay before Christmas.

  8. Rain?? Rain?? oh my.....rain. what is that? How I would love to feel, smell, taste and appreciate just a few drops of rain!! Not had it here in over 2 months. Going on 50 consecutive days of triple digit temps with no rain. Some of my 70 yr old trees are dying, grass is dead, plants have been long gone...
    Never thought I'd be so sick of sunshine in my life........when you look out your window, think of your ol' southern buddy, wouldya??!!
    Yes, are a very lucky man!!