Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lovely August

The weather in NYC has been amazingly awesome for August. It's been reasonably warm (80F, 26C) and we've gotten a lovely breeze most evenings coming off the East River, which is very close by. Tonight, Bruce, Georgia and I dined outside on the balcony, and I spent a little time knitting on Bru's sweater:

We're all relaxed, with our feet up, recovering from the earthquake... Yeah, earthquake. For those not from North America, we don't generally get earthquakes on the East Coast. This one's epicenter was in Virginia (the state) I'm hoping that all of my Virginia (the state) friends are ok, and aren't experiencing too much trauma from the event.

Speaking of trauma, we had one heck of a storm this past Friday. I managed to get this one shot of the clouds moving in (this was during the day time, not at night at all) before it hit and everything was obscured. Poor Bruce got stuck out in it.

And apparently we're supposed to get hit with a hurricane this weekend. So while the world may be ending (or something), I'll hopefully get some good knitting time in.


  1. Lucky you with all that good weather, but that storm don't look nice. I hate lightning... Very good photo! Earthquake is something that is not understandable for me. We had one years ago in grade four or something on the scale and that was frightning. Can't imagine how a real one must feel. Hope your friends and family are fine, and you stay safe during weekend! Stay inside and knit on your lovely green one, and keep Georgia and Bruce with you. We are expecting rainstorm of the year this weekend, hmm we have had nothing but that this summer so we are used to it by now. Some new flooding, but one more really don't matter anymore.

  2. Earthquake and hurricane sounds frightening to me. I hope everything will be all right.
    You did a great progress on that sweater!

  3. We felt a little rumble here in Roanoke. The building I work in is pretty sturdy so it just felt like...waves? It was hardly noticeable. As far as I know though there hasn't really been any major damage or injuries related to it.

    Also, I love the green you chose for his sweater!

  4. glad to discover your blog via urban muser

  5. yeah, the weather has been kind of crazy here right? i was home and didn't even feel the quake. i feel ripped off.

  6. Wonderful to watch the sweater growing, even while the weather was getting so much nastier!