Monday, June 14, 2010

Traveling Woman

I started the Traveling Woman today on the subway, appropriately enough. We were journeying to the Big Apple BBQ fest at Madison Square Park, which was lovely, albeit loud and crowded.

We ate pork. It was good. Some of it was even authentic. WOO!

After I got full, Bruce and friends wandered around eating some more. Georgia and I went to the playground. I sat and worked on Traveling Woman for a while, Georgia bounced around the sprinkler area, which was super cool. We made plans to go back with a swimsuit for her and some towels.

Anyway, pix:

Last night's total cake fail. I was attempting to make a pecan cream cheese roll. It did not go well visually at least. It tasted fantastic:

A shot of some of the smokers at the Big Apple BBQ. Yummy yummy pork. Mmm...

Georgia got a fake tattoo at the BBQ fest. It says "MOO" across the banner:

After the BBQ we walked over to the flea market on 25th Street (well, one of many, but this is the open air one. I saw some pretty bottles:

At the indoor flea market about a block down, (located in a parking garage. Really awesome place, but expensive) Georgia found a pile of treasure:

And a pile of pretty paper (included in this pile, but not in the shot is a magazine that bore the headline "The High Price of Loving Anita Ekberg" which I thought was just fabulous.

We wandered further down the block to The City Quilter to pick up some stuff to make stitch markers out of for my knitting:

Love this store. It's such a great and friendly place. Expensive as hell for fabric, but hey, it's NYC.

At some point in the future, I might have actual knitting photos for you. Of actual things I knitted. Shocking, I know.


  1. Looks like another great weekend in NYC! Great shots! I can imagine she felt proud with that tatoo :-) BBQ fest - wow that sounds like some good food too.

  2. What, my friend, is IN that pile of treasure of Wisconsin's?? If you could only see my latest project to one day begin......boxes covered with OLD PAPERS and embellished with OLD JEWELRY....exactly what I see in those pics!! I would have gone crazy if I'd seen those piles!!!