Saturday, June 12, 2010

Just when you thought everything was going smoothly

I picked my Villane back up this week and made quite a bit of progress on the sleeve, which is the cabley part.

I had gotten through about six inches of the sleeve and feeling pretty proud of myself when I realized I'd used almost a skein of yarn. A skein of yarn for a mere six inches of sleeve, knitted from the bottom up seemed excessive, so I went back and read the directions. Which, I might add, I hadn't read since before we went to Puerto Rico, nearly two months ago.

(I haz teh smartz)

Well, I'd been increasing two stitches every seven rows, instead of every 14 rows. And I'd massively screwed up the increases, the cables, er... well, you name it, I'd screwed it up.

Of course, I knitted another couple of inches before I ripped back. Because that makes total sense. Project totally FUBAR? KEEP KNITTING!

I ripped back while on the train, and madly put all the live stitches back on my needles. Not so bad except that I wasn't paying attention to what I was doing, and got this result:

So, that's the working yarn off to the left at the top, and those are my needles going off to the right. Oh yeah. 100% pure genius on my part. It took me a full day to wrap my brain around how to fix this issue without taking all the stitches off the needles again.

I've fixed, and about six inches back up the sleeve again. So all is well.

And now some more pix from the past few days:

Georgia's graduation from daycare:

The ESPN match truck for the World Cup up at Columbus Circle (Or Buhlumbus Circle as Georgia calls it). I think it's so cool that large crowds of people are gathering to watch in public spaces:

Georgia showing off the pirate pocket watch she insisted on wearing all day yesterday. She's like a tiny white Flava Flav:

And finally, Georgia stole our friend Katie's sunglasses and was wearing them around the soccer match viewing area:

Up next will be a Traveling Woman shawlette with some pretty yarn Ella brought back for me from Vancouver.


  1. Whoa babee.....I have so much to comment on, but it will have to be later. But your new header??? Uh-huh....that's what I'M talkin' bout!!! Bee-u-ti-ful!!!
    Wisconsin get a haircut?
    I feel like I've been gone forever...I have so many questions!!

  2. sorry to hear about the FROGGING! love the new look of the blog.

  3. Lol sounds like you and I do some heavy ripping :-) I do alway read the pattern with care, and think I am doing ok, until it always turn out strange... And rip, rip, a lot of knitting time is waisted besfore I end up with a project that is nearly the same as the original - never exactly the same :-) Well, that's the charme in knitting :-) Congrats with your graduation girl :-) So fall she starts in school - is she looking forward to it? Most kids do I think, it is not before after some years they all wonder what the exitement was all about :-) Great photos, and I love your sweet little model :-)

  4. Georgia's sweater looks fabulous!