Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Photos of Georgia modeling her Wispy. Note that I could only bribe her to do it by letting her stand on the back of the couch. Well, whatever works:

We went to the botanical gardens this weekend, and the rose garden is in full bloom. (Roses are my favorite things to grow, EVER):

I did not mess with the color on the following two photos at all. These crazy roses look radioactive and stuff:

Georgia of the grass:

Tamest bunny ever. It was just hanging out waiting to be photographed:

SQUIRREL! (light was too low and he was moving to fast for a good photo. But this one is for you, Heather):

Oh, and yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm working on a new sweater for Georgia. It's a Tiny Tea Leaves Cardigan, and I totally ripped off the idea of making one for the kid from Grumperina:

I am waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay past this point on the sweater today (I took this photo yesterday) and this little beastie is just FLYING off the needles. I'm working it up in Cotton Ease (no itching at all, and cheap to boot. Not a bad yarn to knit with. Is easier on my hands than 100% cotton) and even though it is a cotton yarn, the project is moving really fast (traditionally, cotton has torn up my hands and I don't want to work with it much.


  1. Cute sweater; cute kid; cute bunnies; great pics of the roses :-)

  2. V................I gotta tell ya, that first image of the white rose is awesome! Like competition worthy......I'm just sayin..!

  3. She is so sweet, your little Georgia - what a perfect model. And the Wispy looks so nice on her. Great work Virginia! I too love roses, and your beautiful photos of them. Wish my garden was filled with such flowers, but I am sooo not good with my garden. I can't get anything to grow :-) But, some days ago, I discovered a tiny plant close to the housewall - I think it is a sunflower!!! Well, I know I should not tell too early, because it is a trimendus chance for it not surviving :-) What a cute little bunny, do they live wild in you parks? I know they do in England, but here we only have them for pets.

  4. Her new sweater is lovely! I love your rose pictures, makes me want to visit a garden soon :)

  5. ooh. i'll have to schedule a visit to the ny botanical gardens soon. maybe this upcoming weekend. beautiful pics!

  6. So pretty! Also I wanted to tell you that you leave about the best comments ever. As in laugh out loud funny from left field great!

  7. So...the adorable child won't be wearing the adorable sweater? Well, boo. I'm sure the next one will be just as cute.

    The flowers are gorgeous - I haven't tried to grow anything in the northeast yet, but I thought I remembered roses as being terribly difficult. Is this not true?

  8. Right there with Janie on the white rose shot. Beautiful pics!

  9. Awwww, and ROSES! I love the varieties that still have a scent.