Monday, August 31, 2009

The Whisper Cardigan

It's done! Thank God Almighty, the cursed thing is done!

I'm wearing it today. It's got me so excited I've been showing it to all the people at work who could really care less. They're like: "Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's a sweater. Big whoop"

At least there are a couple of knitters here who appreciate the insanity of what I have finally accomplished. They totally commiserated with me on the tiny yarn, small needles, the multiple rippings out and re-knitting, the 1x1 ribbing... thank you for that.

Pictures are forthcoming...

The Mystery Christmas Projects

I'm chugging right along on the projects that I can't talk about. I'm tackling the biggest first, so that I don't get totally stressed out about it when Christmas approaches. But I'm probably 80% of the way through the first biggie, and I've only been knitting on it for a couple of days. Awesome.


I've picked up Veronique again, now that I'm done with the purple beastie. It will likely become my bĂȘte noire as it is yet another sweatery thing made out of the Morehouse lace. Why? Why do I do this to myself? Why do I decide that yes, Virginia, it is a great idea to make a large garment out of tiny tiny lace yarn? What crack am I smoking? The Yarn Harlot claims that it is because people like herself (and me, apparently) are exceedingly susceptible to wool fumes. They overtake our brains and cause us to do totally crazy things. Like make sweaters out of lace yarns. Oy.

The good thing about Veronique is that I can work on it while hanging out with Georgia. It won't take all of my concentration and I'll be able to keep an eye out for her attempting any number of the dangerous things three-going-on-four-year-olds try because they're now "big."

Rhapsody in Cables

Hopefully this weekend I'll have some time to sit down and figure out how to fix whatever went wrong on my last cabling attempt. On the second picture I posted, the cable gets all wonky on the lower edges of all my left-leaning cables. So I'll sit down and attempt to correct that particular issue. If that doesn't work, I'll have to go hit up some other knitters and see what I can do. We can't have sloppy left-leaning cables, now can we?

Gardening in the Ghetto

So far there has been no squirrel activity in my mums, which is nice. However I went out there to water the plants yesterday morning as it didn't actually rain as promised in the night, and discovered that the mum on the right was full of ham that some jackass had thrown out their kitchen window.

That's hot...

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  1. A ham in your mums!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now, that's some funny sh*t!!!bwahahahahahaha!!
    And I never knew that yarn had such wild & "wooly" (pun intended)names. Veronique sounds oh so sexy....purrrrrrr!!