Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Whisper Cardigan

The great purple beastie is almost done! I'm so excited. I can't wait to wear it. And I might even be able to wear it for a month or two before I have to put it aside for heavier sweaters!

Here's the latest pic:

Only a couple more inches to go before this biznatch is DONE, baby!


Next up to bat is Ella's shrug, which I promise I will eventually finish. Although it's looking like miles and miles of more stockinette stitch for me. I am a total stockinette whiz now. Boo yah!

Make-up Pictures

And here are all the pix from the last post that I didn't have time to post:

My first and second successful cable test swatches:

The yarn I bought for Bruce's sweater.

The Sari Silk disaster.

The banana silk yarn.

The sun shining through Veronique.

And an artsy fartsy shot of the Whisper.

And finally, my fuck you to the squirrels (I bought some more flowers - the mums on the right side of the photo - at the farmers market today).

I'm really enjoying my fire escape gardening.


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  1. Um........hope you didn't get hibiscus plants cuz squirrels looooove to b*tch slap the leaves off of them. I know. I've watched them eat two entire 3ft tall plants this summer right in front of my eyes. We have dualing eyeball fights. Literally. They sit on the rail and eat the plant right in front of me and then look at me.
    'Bout time for an old round-up around here.....a little squirrel capturing time at the OK, I mean lakehouse!