Tuesday, August 18, 2009

More posting! More! More! More!

So I'm trying to post more now, as I get immensely frustrated when the people whose blogs I really enjoy only post once in a while. Not that I'm fooling myself into thinking that my adoring public (consisting of approximately three people. Big ups to my peoples, Bruce, Janey and Rabia!) would have a kitty if I weren't posting regularly.

I also have some bitching to do about stupid blogger and its stupid photo placement. I'm spoiled. I usually work in InDesign and it takes no time or energy to put photos into a document. Blogger, if I may say so, is worse that MS Word.

Four People, One Bathroom

One of the drawbacks of apartment living, even when you have a nice, relatively spacious (by New York standards) three-bedroom, is that there is only one bathroom. This creates problems, especially when one of us is recovering from a major surgery and one of us is three years old.

And given that one of us is recovering from major surgery and has a tendency to sleep from 3a.m. to 2p.m., you might think that getting up at 6a.m. I would be safe from the "I REALLY have to go..." the second my butt hits the toilet seat.

But no, inevitably I get approximately four seconds to myself in the bathroom before someone or another starts pounding on the door.

And, another thing...

So back in July, on Bruce's and my anniversary (July 17th, for those of you who desperately want to know), I smashed my left big toe by dropping some stainless steel mixing bowls and a colander on it. It was quite painful. I'm sure Georgia learned some interesting new words that day. She also learned that Mommy turns into something closely approximating the Incredible Hulk when in pain.

Thank you Bruce for not letting me completely destroy the kitchen. That could have been bad.

Anyway, so yesterday I managed to destroy my right "ring" toe while attempting to not crush my child. I also took out the undersides of three other toes during this operation, something that I didn't discover until last night after the pain from the obviously smashed toe subsided a little.


So yeah, I'm thinking about wearing steel-toed boots full-time now. Maybe I can get them with little air conditioning units in. I work for an engineering firm. Somebody here should be able to design that.

Oh yeah, and...

I knitted.

Almost done with the whisper cardigan. It's a wee bit small, but I think that'll probably solve itself with the blocking, since this yarn is notorious for "blooming." If it doesn't bloom, well then I'm just going to be wearing a slightly small sweater, damnit.

No new pix today. It's hard to tell that I've done anything on the Whisper, because it's just adding inches to the skirt part.

Lest I Forget

So far no squirrel activity in the mums. Little bastards are just biding their time.


  1. Red Wing. Red Wing steel-toed boots. My sons get more excited about getting a red wing gift certificate from Santa Claus every yr...yeah, they're 24 & 28...than anything else. But V..they both work outside doing hard manual labor where very heavy pieces of equipment fall close to their toes everyday...ahem, maybe you could just watch the things that slip outa your hands a little more carefully?? Like really heavy pots and pans???
    Heheheh........oh v...you do make me laugh!!!

  2. Oh.....and yeah, blogger sucks.

  3. Laugh, Janie. Laugh from hundreds of miles away. It sounds funny when she talks about it...

    Although her toenail IS a really pretty midnight blue color.