Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Oh, and because I'm completely insane

On top of all the ambitious sweater projects I have lined up for myself, I decided to start another Damson. Which gave me fits the last time I attempted it.

This one is for my dear friend Jorie, who has no knitted items from me at all. This is a tragedy of epic proportions. She picked out the yarn when we were at fibrespace in Alexandria, VA over Christmas break. She didn't realize she was picking out the yarn, but she fell in love with it and oohed and aahed... Done and done.

It's a malabrigo sock in Primavera. Gorgeous yarn. Really pretty colors. And absolutely not suited to me in the slightest, so there's no temptation to keep it.

Here's an in progress pic:

Also, on the good news front, my mother sent me one of my father's camera's. It's a digital SLR, about 4 years old, which I'm excited about. I think it will be a good starter camera for me. It'll give me a chance to learn a little bit about photography before I start investing in a newer camera.

It was bittersweet to get his camera in the mail. I opened it up and the camera bag smelled like my dad. And there was a 3x5 card in there that he'd written a bunch of notes on. I missed him a lot at that point. It's the first visceral reminder of my father that I've gotten since he died.

So I'll keep the 3x5 card in there.

Also, I'm nearly done with Bruce's sweater. I completed the body last night and now all I'm doing is the collar! WOO!

As you all may have heard, it's snowing a little bit in NYC:

Georgia and I went out in it because we were feeling a bit stir crazy. That wasn't the smartest thing we've done in a while. 40 mph winds and it is snowing horizontally.

In other words, awesome knitting weather.


  1. That's a beautiful colorway in the first pic (tho too light for my tastes as well).

    The snow up there is creating some extra knitting time down here as well, since the DC area is shut down, and thus so are the offices we deal with. We might get some snow here in Texas, but the odds are slim and it probly won't stick. I figure the scarcity of real snow here is probly the only reason it fascinates us so much down here. If it did stick, it would give us one of those rare chances to wear all the knitted stuff with wool content, though :-)

  2. Nice to see y'all finally got some of that snow we've been hogging down here in VA.:)

    I love that yarn. I think that colorway is right up my alley.

  3. Enjoy the camera. Your snow photos are great. I enjoy living in the south. We were snowed in Monday but by Tuesday roads were clear.

  4. Yes, I crackheadedly published this to Monday or Tuesday. I can't remember which. Anyway, this is today's post.

    The pictures are from today, by the way.

  5. I learnt all about photography on my Grandfather's film SLR a while back, and he also left a bunch of notes, mostly typed on a typewriter, with a few handwritten amendments, and it was bitter sweet too.

    But this way, you get to have your Dad with you on all your photo-ing adventures, and that's kind of lovely!

    I can't imagine snow- it's been soooo hot here in Australia... hot and humid, the kind of weather where the air is still and thick and sleeping is almost impossible... cooking seems unnatural, and sitting on the lounge is gross because you stick to it... :(

  6. Malabrigo sock yarn is my absolute favorite. Today. Tomorrow is another story. ;-)

  7. Sooooo cool about the camera. Do me a favor, k?
    Write some handwritten notes while you're learning the tricks of the trade. Stick them in your camera bag. Keep forever to pass along to Wisconsin when she's older. Of course, with the story of how it all began!!

  8. Oh......and when it SNOWS!!!! here on Friday, I will have your beautiful scarf on when I make a snow angel!!!

  9. I love the beginnings of the Damson. Also, you wrote "crackheadedly" in the comments. Which made me laugh.

  10. That's absolutely gorgeous yarn. Your friend is lucky! Hrmpf, couldn't you send SOME of the snow up north???