Saturday, February 6, 2010

The good news

First bit of good news: I finished Ella's sweater (this would be the Featherweight Cardigan). YAY! So excited about this. I blocked it last night. Here is a photo from in-progress blocking:

As you can see, Georgia is helping. And the colors really didn't show up very well at all. That's what I get for trying to take pictures at night.

Second bit of good news: I am considerably smaller than I had originally estimated in terms of bust measurement. So I'm either losing weight or I was overestimating how big I was. My Liesl is a bit too big for me (by about 6 inches in the bust). Heh. It truly is the sweater of doom!

Third bit of good news: Finished unpicking back to the point where I made a mistake on Bruce's Sweater. Providing I can actually concentrate on it this time around, it should be relatively smooth sailing.

Concentrate is the operative word in that sentence.

Let the mad casting on for new projects begin!

Also, a totally knitting unrelated story:

Georgia has been getting a little bit of eczema on her face, so I've been putting some cream on her at night to help.

Last night I walked into the bathroom to help her brush her teeth and her face was very shiny. So I said, "Did you put some cream on your face already?" and she replied "No, it's pudding," as if it were the most obvious thing in the whole entire world.

Yep. That's my kid.


  1. Hehe they are gorgeous those kids! Well done one the sweater, it looks great finished! Can't you sew in the Liesl in some way.. It is too bad with a project causing so much trouble!

  2. "Let the mad casting on for new projects begin!"

    Hahah I need only the smallest pause in an existing project to start a new one. Must be a knitter thing.

    I decided to move right past the pudding on the face thing. With 4 kids, I've learned that sometimes it's better just not to ask.

  3. That sweater turned out beautifully! Can't wait to see non-night pics. =)

  4. Hello Virginia, I can not send e-mail address to find you. My English is bad, therefore I translate with google. But that is not much better;)
    Beautiful sweaters you knit!
    I´m using the new yarn from Zitron.

  5. I'm keeping her away from the mayonnaise.