Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I'm burning up...

I am burning through my WIPs, lemme tell ya.

Ella's Featherweight Cardigan is almost done. I picked up all the stitches for one sleeve last night, and I'm about halfway through with it already! Woo! I think it'll take me three more subway rides to completely finish that sucker up.

(again, major problems with the whole daylight thing for photos. I'll see if I can get a decent one tonight, but it's doubtful)

And isn't it entertaining that I can now measure my progress on a project in terms of subway rides? They're about 45 minutes long. So 90 minutes a day...

I've ripped out one row of Bruce's sweater and have one more to go until I reach the mistake. Once I've done that, it should be relatively smooth sailing. Although, honestly, I knitted that section so tightly I'm not sure how long it will take me to rip back.

Next up: Coraline

Here's a pic, courtesy of Ysolda's site:

I'm going to do mine in Drops Alpaca in a lovely raspberry pink color. And yes, it will be for me, damnit.


  1. That Coraline is a lovely sweater! I can't wait to see it finished.

    I'm starting to think maybe I need to contract you to finish that peak island hood/scarf I've been working on for the past oh...3 months.:)

  2. Hehe and if the train is late, you can knit waiting :-) The Coraline is beautiful, and you can buy Drops alpaca in the US - cool!

  3. I do like that you can measure in train rides! I used to live an hour and a half away from my uni, so I completely understand... such a good way to make the time fly! Thanks for your hugs about Paco!xxx

  4. Maybe when you're done with the Coraline you can watch the movie with me...right before you get the button eyes...mwhahahahahah!

  5. yay for doing something for you! and only you! I love the color raspberry, it makes me think of ice cream and summer time.

  6. I swear. To me, all of your post sounds like a foreign language! Only because I am a no-knitting fool because I feel the needles and the yarn would be waaaaay smarter than me!! Cest la vivre!!
    How 'bout taking your pics on the sidewalks of NY?? Could prolly get good light on your lunch hour and who would notice?? NYC is full of crazies....they'd prolly not even notice that you've layed out your knitting on the ground??
    oooooooooo...or central park?? are you far from there? Would be perrrrrfect place to shoot!!

  7. and can I just say?? I remember the day when me and cbabes and katy were the only ones on your bloglist......MY!!! how you've grown!! Aren't you just loving it? I knew you would!!!