Monday, January 4, 2010

Um. Well. No socks.

But I did start a Citron!

I'm very excited about the Citron, however, I think I'm having sock performance anxiety. Or something. I'm not entirely sure what's preventing me from casting on for socks right now.

Anyway, the Citron is my subway project. I'm through the first two sections, and I'm doing it striped. One in a variegated yarn and one row in a blackberry purple. Same one I did my Whisper Cardigan out of. Morehouse Merino Lace. Yummy.

I'm blowing through this thing, and really enjoying it. But then I absolutely adore knitting with laceweight yarn, no matter what the project is. I have no idea why. And it's so soft...

Hopefully pix will come tomorrow. Right now I got nothin. Sorry.


  1. What a pretty project ... I can't wait to see it finished and your colour choices.

  2. The Citron is a great project. Picks of yours tomorrow - please :-)

  3. I am back Virginia, because LOL I have tried the Google translater on my last post in my blog - just as you said you have done. And I think I will correct a little translater mistake :-) My ex was not a girlfriend - it was a boyfriend - and my cohab these days is still a man - as it always has been - just to get it streight :-)

  4. Focus on the citron, you tart!

  5. do you have a knitting group? socks can be scary with out some one to look over your shoulder, and say "good work" (or to walk you through some part of the pattern that doesn't make sense.)

    There are a few groups in the bronx, (more in manhattan) --I love my groups.. (and i don't need help very often) its great to meet with other knitters and see what they are doing. (and how!)

  6. Check out videos on you tube for sock tutorials. Starting out they're simple since it's just a tube, but the heel flat/turning the heel can get confusing if you haven't done it before or seen it done before. Watching videos cleared it right up though.

    I can't wait to see the Citron! It's a gorgeous shawl. Maybe one day I'll get around to knitting one myself!