Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Cinnamon Grace is coming right along. I started the decrease section last night, and I'm expecting this to be pretty quick. Here's a picture in progress as of today:

It doesn't look like much. While I was knitting at Battery Park City out in the park, I finally got to see this yarn in the sunlight. There are an amazing number of colors packed into this yarn (Malabrigo Sock in Primavera). It's fantastic. Looks kind of bland and beige in most lights, but under the sunlight it just shimmers. Very cool stuff.

And here's a shot of my knitting spot of late. My allergies are finally starting to calm down (thank goodness we spent a week of allergy season in Puerto Rico, where I had ZERO allergy problems) and I'm able to sit outdoors without wanting to die.

The meditation has been going pretty well. We're (Bruce has joined me) three nights in now. The first night was really easy, the second and third have been difficult as hell. But I feel good about it. And that, my friends, is a blessing.

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  1. New York's allergies are bad, but just think...we could still be in Virginia!