Saturday, May 22, 2010

Obviously time to knit again

I woke up this morning kicking myself for having wasted nearly a week of knitting time. Despite the fact that it was my choice to not knit for the past week.

This is a good thing.

I spent this morning winding six hanks of Knitpicks Shadow laceweight into cakes.

I'll be making Hannah Fettig's Wispy Cardi out of them. One for Georgia and one for myself. The Wispy is the updated version of her Whisper Cardigan that was in Interweave Knits. I made one Whisper last year (took me MONTHS to finish) and I adore it, but there were a few things I wished she'd changed about the pattern, and she did!

Here's the yarn for Georgia's (I got two skeins, but the other one was not photographing well). This is the Queen Anne colorway in the Shadow Tonal:

And the yarn for mine, Clementine in the Shadow Kettle Dyed:

Did I mention that I'm going through an orange phase? I am SERIOUSLY craving orange. It's all I want to knit with, paint with and draw with.

I'll probably cast on for Georgia's today. I'm pretty excited.


  1. Gorgeous yarn! Good luck with the cardigans! Can't wait to see them finished!

  2. Lovely yarn! Orange is my absolute favorite :-) You know, some time free from knitting can be good inbetween, then the knit-energy is really at the top when a new project is started.

  3. those are some gorgeous colors. The world needs more orange in it.

  4. I'm loving the orange evangelizing!

  5. Great yarn! So SQUIRREL!! Its all I was thinking as I was taking the squirrel picture. Then telling that joke about the squirrel and and then thinking I was the funniest person to ever re-tell a pixar joke.