Friday, November 26, 2010

Finished Object: Katie's Honey Cowl

I finished up Katie's Honey Cowl (rav) on Tuesday night, blocked it Wednesday and gave it to her yesterday for Thanksgiving. I'd get her to model it, but we're all exhausted, haven't showered, and I've only had minimal coffee. Plus, you know, Katie apparently doesn't want to look like she just woke up in her photos. Go figure.

  • Pattern: Honey Cowl (free pattern)
  • Yarn: Malabrigo Silky Merino (awesome yarn. First time I've knitted with it. Has the same "blooming" problem as regular mal, though), two skeins
  • Needle: US 8 (5mm)
  • Size: 38 inches by 11 inches (96 cm by 28 cm) unblocked. Longer and narrower after blocking. Sigh.

I started on Katie's sister's honey cowl on Tuesday, and am through the first skein. And after Katie's sister's, I have two more honey cowls to churn out. Fortunately, the seem to only take a few hours of work, so it's not too bad, grand scheme. I think I may steam block the second cowl and see how that works.

Also, I spent a couple of lovely hours knitting in Madison Square Park the other day while Georgia played on the playground.. I looked up and had this lovely shot of the Flatiron Building (probably my favorite building in NYC):

We had a truly wonderful Thanksgiving. It was small, we had two people we truly adore with us, and it was incredibly relaxed. Finished up the evening by watching "Say Yes to the Dress" and drinking a little prosecco. Yum.

This morning I am totally avoiding dealing with the aftermath (incredibly messy apartment) by blogging. Heh.


  1. We do not celebrate Thanksgiving in my country, but I am glad you had a great one. Photo in last post are qute :-) You have made a beautiful cowl, lucky Katie! Great shot of the Flatrion Building, looks like it only has a front... Yep, I will visit the link and learn something today I think :-) So happy that you can sit outside knitting, here we have minus 10C during days :-) No good weather for outside knitting :-)

  2. love the flatiron! glad you had a nice thanksgiving. have a great weekend.

  3. Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving. That cowl is very pretty. Another project added to queue. Thank you for sharing the link.

  4. You forgot to mention the best part: it looks like chain mail!

  5. Ok, my sister sent me this link because she thought when she found it it was mine. Having read it, I can wonder why. Are you over at Rav?

  6. Yes, Kitsa, I am on Ravelry. My Rav name is MissVirginia.