Monday, August 9, 2010

Morning Commute

Three trains, two hours and .5 miles walking finally got me to work this morning. It was awful. Just a complete clusterheck (as Georgia likes to say).

Anyway, got some pretty views of the more industrial parts of the Bronx and the absolutely-not-touristy-areas-at-all of Manhattan (Looking down into Harlem from the 145th Street bridge):

I've always loved this banner for the Diamond Gym. It's at the corner of 145th and Malcolm X Boulevard:

Love that it was right above a lounge and a fried chicken joint. No wonder it closed.

Georgia used to go to daycare in Morningside Heights (or thereabouts) and when we moved to the Bronx I would pick the kid up and walk to 145th Street and across the bridge into the Bronx on warmer nights. It was a really nice way to relax after work, and there is always something going on up on 145th. The bridge has some truly gorgeous views, but unfortunately it was too smoggy today to get a decent shot of some of the iconic buildings in Manhattan.

Despite all the walking, train changing, swearing and sweating, I got quite a bit of work done on the Lettuce this morning. Will likely be able to put the sleeves on holders by the time I get back from work tomorrow afternoon.


  1. That's an awful long time to get to work. Is it like that every day? Did you grow up in NYC, I'm just wondering, because you still notice stuff on your way around there.

  2. No, usually when I go into the office it's about 45 minutes - not too bad. Good knitting time. And I usually only have to take one train.

    And no, I didn't grow up in the city. I grew up near Washington, DC. Very much in suburbia.

  3. Sometimes I miss mornings in Hamilton Heights, walking the kid to daycare. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. What a commute. I love "clusterheck". I have to add that to my vocabulary for sure!

  5. Clusterheck! Oh, that's great. She's funny. :)

  6. ouch. sorry to hear about the commute. gotta love the MTA!