Saturday, December 31, 2011

Year End Round Up!

Time for my once-annual FO roundup! This has been a pretty productive year. In actuality, I think I have something like 80 FOs, but as 52 of these were the flowers for Ella's wedding, I'm just counting them as one. So my total on the year is 31, broken down as follows:

  • 8 cowls
  • 3 hats
  • 5 scarves
  • 5 shawls/shawlettes
  • 3 sweaters
  • 4 pairs of socks
  • 1 blanket
  • 1 pair of mittens
  • and the damned flowers
I also have one sweater for Georgia that is nearly done, the lamb for Georgia, also nearly done, and the Snapdragon Flip Tops, nearly done. 

I've learned a few new skills this year, such as cabling without a cable needle, turning a heel on a sock, making socks, and making bobbles. Which isn't something that I'd ever thought I'd do, as personally, I HATE bobbles, but they look nice on my one bobbly project.

I've also learned that I love knitting lace, pretty much more than anything else, socks are fun, but knitting the second one sucks, and I absolutely LOATHE knitting mittens. Go figure.

This  marks my third year as a knitter, which is pretty amazing to me. The craft has seen me through a lot of stuff personally, and it is definitely a form a meditation. Especially lace knitting. I've grown as a knitter, and have seen definite improvements in my skills, which is hugely encouraging. Additionally, I've seen improvements in my own attitudes, both towards knitting and towards the rest of life. While I still occasionally swear, scream and get frustrated with myself (or with the pattern, let's be totally honest here), my reaction to mistakes or whatever has definitely gotten calmer, and I'm now vastly more likely to tink or rip back to where the mistake was, rather than make a huge production of it and set the knitting aside for three weeks and mentally grumble at it whenever I see the offending project. With the exception of the Snapdragon Flip Tops, which I'm still swearing at.

Here's the round up, from the beginning of the year. (all links are Rav links to my projects):


Cynthia's Cowl, Mittens and Shroom:

These were commissions. Quick knits, fortunately, as I discovered that I hate commissions.

Meretith's Eternity Scarf and Propello Hat:

Also commissions. I loved working with the wool, and I found it's a lot easier to do commissions for people that I know pretty well.

Ella's Second September Circle:

To replace the one she lost. Sigh.


This one I made with really horrendous Noro yarn, that I later overdyed with Black Cherry Kool Aid. Here's the after. LOVE this scarf. Love love love. It's warm and I wear it all the time.

Lace Flower Pins (also in March, April, May and June):

Feh. Still tired of these things:


I wear this one fairly frequently, and the Cascade Eco + has really worn well. No pilling so far. Also, I love the giant cowl, which keeps me from having to wear a scarf.

Monkey Socks (my first socks!):

Turning a sock heel? Not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Actually quite easy, to be honest. Still not sure what all the fuss is about.

Hated the original color, overdyed it with acid dye, REALLY hated the second color. Fail. Gave this one to Ella who wears it all the time.

Love the color, love the pattern, love the wool, wear this all the time. Awesome scarf. And yes, despite the wool's softness, this has worn quite well. However, I probably wouldn't use it for a sweater.


Really thick and warm. Enjoyed making these. Bruce seems to enjoy wearing them. Win-win.

(and about 30 lace flower pins. Sigh)


I REALLY  hated the colors on this thing, but my sister-in-law Jen loved them, so I gave her the scarf when it was done.

Quickie scarves for my mom. Just flashy enough for her, and they took about 15 minutes to make.


This one was for me. I still haven't blocked it, (heh, lazy!) but have worn it constantly. LOVE this one. And the silk garden sock definitely softens up with wear. 

She really liked my Monkey socks, and had to have a pair for herself. She picked the yarn, as she didn't have any yellow socks in her wardrobe. Georgia modeled, as her feet were the only ones in the house small enough to fit in them.


Another quickie for my mom. Georgia is modeling. This month was light on the FOs as I was working on the Breezy, which took forever (next project).


This took forever. Also, the Knit Picks Shadow Lace? Not so good for sweaters. This sweater pills like heck. I'm a little unhappy, as I absolutely adore the sweater, and it's really flattering. And I REALLY don't want to make another one, as this one was like three miles of stockinette.

Quick, fun, easy. Loved it. Got to wear it approximately once as my friend Cara accidentally tore another scarf that I made for her, and she needed another scarf. This one looks awesome on her. Speaking of, I need to darn that other scarf. Sigh.


This pattern gets quicker the third time around. Jorie loved it. Hoping her baby boy does too.


I should really get a better photo of this sweater, as I finished it, and Bruce has been wearing it. I finally gave up and took it to a tailor to have the zipper inserted, as my efforts were... horrible. No more zippered sweaters. URGH. Anyway, the tailor kinda (ok, really) screwed up the insertion of the zipper, however the sweater is functional, and looks great on my husband, if I do say so myself.

Loved Meredith's (see above, in January) so much that I had to make one for myself. This scarf matches my Shroom perfectly, so I've been wearing them as a set.


Took me a while, but I finally mastered this pattern. I tried to make it a year and a half ago and failed. Don't know why I failed so spectacularly, but I'm glad I finished it this time around. Gave this one to my sister-in-law Susan, who looks great in it. I hope she actually wears it.

Loved the yarn, was a little annoyed at how the pooling didn't match up. However, they're thick, warm and cozy, and I love wearing handknitted socks. Must make more.


Jordan fell in love with some sparkly novelty yarn, despite my best efforts to dissuade her. So I made her this cowl as a surprise. Looks great on her. She wears it every day, which I can check on, as she is my coworker...

Jordan modeling a commission that I made for my friend Katie's mom for Christmas. Really quick project, despite all the seed stitch. Will probably make at least two more (as Katie seemed to really like this one, and I kinda want one too). Also, yet another Ysolda project. I may make all of her patterns yet. I really liked this pattern, as it was quite cleverly put together.

Great hat. I think I've worn it nearly every day since. However, not warm AT ALL.

I wanted to use up the extra mohair from the wedding flowers (see above), and decided to pair the yellow and gray. Here is Jen, my sister-in-law (one of them, anyway) modeling. I ended up giving it to her, as it looked fantastic on her. LOVE the yellow and gray color combination, although it's proved to be quite controversial. Bruce hates it. Susan (another SIL) hated it, though was too polite to say so, Ella (SIL), Jen and I all loved it.

This one will rate its own blog post. I finished and blocked it yesterday. LOVE this thing. Adore. Love love love. Can't wait to wear it.

And my UFOs:

I've bound this one off, I just need to steek and add a zipper. I REALLY don't want to add a zipper, after the Brigade debacle. Steeking is not as scary as the zipper adding. Sigh.

I tried and failed three times to knit the fliptops. Razzle frazzle frigger frag. Still swearing about this one.

I'd REALLY love to wear them. But you know what? Still ticked. Ticked to the point where I just went and BOUGHT handknit mittens from the Union Square Christmas Fair. $20 well spent, my friends.

And that's all folks. See you next year!


  1. All your knits are beautiful ones! Oh the Juneberry shawl, so pretty!
    Happy New Year to you and your family!

  2. What an amazing year! LOVE your hood. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that rich New Yorkers are shelling out $300 for ones that aren't anywhere near as nice. You ROCK!

  3. wow so much knitting - and I didnt know you'd only been doing it for 3 years!!!!

    love your lace obsession I am with you all the way on that one.

    happy 2012!!!!

  4. Wow what a list-you are good! My list is very small this year, or last year I better say. We are now one hour into the new year :-) Lol I thought buns where bakery of yeast... Never mind :-) Happy New Year Virginia!

  5. What a fab lot of knitting! It is so gratifying looking back and realising what you have learnt as a knitter! First socks, yay! Loving lace! Yay! Hope 2012 has lots of successful knits for you.

  6. D-A-A-A-M-N girrrrrl....(said in my most southern drawl evah) you been busy!! Your accomplishments? Feels purty good, eh?!
    Wanted to remind you of this:
    "We spend January 1 walking thru our lives, room by room, drawing up a list of work to be done, cracks to be patched. Maybe this yr, to balance the list, we ought to walk thru the rooms of our lives...not looking for flaws, but for potential. ~Ellen Goodman~ given to me by you, ms. V, many yrs ago and that continues to be written into my journal on Jan 1 of every yr!
    Happy New Year, my friend!