Sunday, June 19, 2011

We Survived The Wedding!

Although we are completely exhausted. Some photos:

The flower girls amid chaos

The bride and much of the bridal party

The bride and her brother

That's my husband walking his sister, the bride (Ella), up the aisle, and making a rare appearance on the blog. The knitted flowers looked really beautiful in the bouquets and as boutonnieres for the men. After the ceremony I took no pictures as I was pretty busy (and entertained) running around after the girls and carrying around my four-month-old nephew.


  1. Wonderful photos Virginia! So great to see, and Georgia is gorgeous in her white dress. Great to hear that the flowers were appriciated, wow what a job you have had, and they are really really beautiful! Lovely girl, Ella, you must tell her from me :-)

  2. looks lovely. want to see photos of the knit flowers!

  3. Beautiful pics, but they don't include you! Maybe you can put up one of Sue's pictures from the wedding. I especially loved the family shot with you kicking up your leg. VERY cute!