Monday, October 25, 2010

Happier than...

Well, happier than I was before. Maybe just happy? Happy. There we go.

Anyway, spent the morning writing a couple of knitting and sewing articles and I'm REALLY happy about them. They flowed, I enjoyed writing them, it was fun to dig into the technical side of knitting and it really forces me to stop and think about my own techniques and how I go about things.

It's almost as good as knitting.

I've also been thinking about the other things that I really enjoy doing, aside from knitting and writing about knitting. I've spent so much of my adult life doing things that I don't really enjoy (working for total douchebags and/or the clinically insane, various other things) that an exploration of what I do enjoy is far past due.

Here is a list of activities that I really love and in which I experience flow:
  • knitting
  • cooking
  • writing (except when I don't)
  • traveling
  • reading
  • researching (pretty much anything)
  • walking
  • listening to music
I'm sure Bruce could add a couple more to the list.

As much as I enjoy sewing, I'm usually not experiencing flow while I'm doing it. Sometimes it's a mild irritation, and on occasion it is full blown frustration, but I really like the finished product (most of the time).

So my new project is to incorporate more of these things into my working life (and to focus more of my working life on the things I enjoy). So yeah, really really loved writing about knitting this morning. It made me SO happy. Why not continue that feeling?

In the same vein, I'm thinking of starting up a food blog (yeah, cliche, trite, been done a thousand times, blah blah blah I will get this stupid voice in my head to shut up one of these days) as I think and read about food all the time, and am pretty fascinated with it. Also will share some of the issues I have cooking for three fairly disparate sets of tastes and needs, and to talk about my process of learning to become a better cook.

And, a series of completely unrelated photos:

Georgia hugging her friend Nicholas at her (rescheduled) birthday party. Blurry, but cute.

Union Square on a beautiful fall day. Love the one yellow tree.

SATC: Sheep and the City. Found this lovely guy on the American Felt Building near Union Square.


  1. I am happy that you are happy! It is nothing worse than feeling life is not at all the way you want. So leaving your job is probably for the best I think. And it is good that you are thinking and finding things that are nice to do, and when you can list your flow activities - girl you have come a looong way. I wish you luck Virginia, and I am sure you will find your path!

  2. Feeling Happy is a good thing, even if it does not last all day.
    You know, it's always a surprise to me, when grown woman write about learning to cook, or learning to be a better cook. I know in every field there is space to learn more.
    I learned cooking in school, when I was 14years old. I had cooking in school for 5 years. I learned also from my grandmother, and a little (very little) from my mother. When I was older, I learned new things, because I moved to a different country. I think everybody should learn how to cook from scratch at some point during school life. It would make for more healthy eating. I cringe, when I see, read or hear what some adults around here call cooking!
    Blah, all that said, I'm looking forward to read about your cooking habits! I thought I had it bad, with me and my son, who does not like many dishes I'd like to cook, or do in fact cook. It's also always inspirational to read about others cooking, gets one out of cooking rut. :o)

  3. love the sheep-gargoyle photo. sometimes we forget to focus on the things that make us happy, so good for you for trying to make that happen!!

  4. I firmly believe we should all pursue things that truly make us happy. I'm in the process... so not there yet! The first step is figuring out what those things are. Go for it! =)

  5. Love that sheep!

    I was lucky: I read Barbara Sher's Wishcraft when I was just out of high school, so I've done a lot of things that just make me happy in my life. Maybe not rich, but happy!