Monday, July 5, 2010

The weekend

I'm exhausted. Someone accidentally spilled boiling soup on Georgia at a party last night (Happy Fourth of July to us) so we ended up at the emergency room. She's ok. Happily playing right now, and doesn't seem to be in too much pain, amazingly enough. Tough kid.

Anyway, here are some photos from our weekend.

Hands are feeling better, so knitting started up again.

A sculpture made entirely from film:

Sign of the recession (store banner, totally shredded):

Yarn bomb:

Never seen this building from this angle. Had no clue the back side was blue:

Our friend John kept getting attacked by butterflies (and as he said, in his own "obituary," moments later was tragically trampled by unicorns). Butterfly is on his back:


  1. The obituary could get more strange if John was heroically saved at the last moment by a friendly centaur and then we could all live at Hogwarts. In England, not Florida. Though i wouldn't mind visiting the Florida one...

  2. Wow, that bicycle is really cool! Maybe I should make something here in Linköping, Sweden... This town is just too small sometime!

    I'm definitely coming to visit New York in March when we get to the states, maybe we could meet up for a friendly tour of the city sights? I'd love to get some tourist recommendations from someone local :)

    / Jenny

  3. So glad that Georgia is ok. That must have been scary for awhile. Love yarn bombs!

  4. So sorry to hear about the wee one! Glad she's a trooper, though!

  5. Ow, yikes! Hope Georgia's OK.

  6. glad georgia is feeling better. sounds like you made the best of the weekend anyway!

  7. Oh how aweful! I hope she'll be O.K. soon.

  8. poor kid. Glad to gear she's doing well and glad your hands are improving.

    Your friend never would have survived had the lightning bugs joined the fight. :-)

  9. In recent news, John was done in by a teething ogre.

  10. I hope Georgia is ok - and the butterflies what a treat for your friend John