Monday, July 26, 2010

A little knitting love... and a bathroom update

First things first. I know y'all are just DYING to know about the condition of my bathroom. Below is a picture of the ceiling over the toilet. Did I mention that I have house guests arriving tomorrow? Right now there is an incredibly chic and attractive black garbage bag covering the hole in the ceiling. Fortunately, our guests have stayed with us before and are fully aware of the joys of living in a 100 year old apartment building in the Bronx. And they are rather awesome people, so no worries there (hi Jen and Joey!).

Secondly I got to see my good friend Cara, from Roanoke, VA for the first time since we've moved to New York City. It was awesome to reconnect with her. We haven't had much time to talk because both of us have had an interesting (ahem, traumatic) past three and a half years. Cara is one of those awesome people with whom I can just pick up with after about 2 seconds like absolutely no time has passed what-so-ever. Which is unusual, because I am an extremely prickly person. Sometimes. Ok, most of the time. Whatever.

Here are Cara, Bruce and Georgia on a street somewheres in the LES.

I started the Lettuce pullover yesterday. Though I suppose mine is more of a carrot. Anyway, no, Villane, I am not cheating on you, I promise. It is merely that you are too heavy to carry around, and having you in my lap in 100 degree heat just isn't that pleasant. Also, you require brains, which are in short supply right now. The Lettuce just doesn't demand that much of me. Plus, you know, I can knit on the Lettuce when I'm pretending to be social around people other than my family. And can actually, if I so choose, converse while working on it. I can also stop mid row (as you can see below) and not worry too much about picking back up again.

The Villane is actually looking like a sweater now. Damn, but this thing is WARM. Hoo hah. Can't wait to wear it when the weather gets colder:

I took my friend Randa to Knitty City (KC) yesterday because I needed another size of crochet hook and some stitch markers. Those smart smart (evil) people at KC have placed giant bins of Malabrigo right next to the checkout area, and I couldn't resist. I had a tough week (though yes, Bruce, things did get a lot better on Friday). Malabrigo makes everything better. Or if it doesn't make everything better, it at least tries really hard. Anyway, Randa was seduced by Knitty City. Yarn stores are a very sensual experience. I offered to teach her to knit. She thought that might be a good idea. So this will happen soon and I think she'll enjoy it. I'm trying to sucker other people into learning to knit (I'm talking to you, K) so they will understand the true joys of the craft.

Anyway, I picked up two skeins of Mal lace in Noviembre. Love the colors. Don't know what I'm going to knit with it yet.

As I was checking out, I mentioned to Pearl (the owner of KC) that I had a tough week and that I needed the Malabrigo, and she gave me the super cute reusable KC bag in the picture below. Once again cementing the fact that the people at KC are the NICEST yarn store folks in the whole entire city, and that I will continue to spend my money there on a regular basis, simply due to the fact that they are awesome. The bag, by the way, is large enough to hold a sweater project, or alternately, three large loaves of bread, which I picked up for a grilled cheese party at my friend Katie's apartment last night. Grilled cheese is good. Hanging out with friends is good. Both of these things went a long way towards making my week quite awesome.


  1. Oh, yes those KC bags are so nice! (i have one too!)
    but their 'regular bags" (clear plastic, with a drawer string closure (or zip lock with handle) are great too.. they make great project bags, too.

  2. Nice reminder of our desserts with Cara -- and I love the pic of the Villane!

  3. Pretty Mal. lace! I love the blue of the sweater, but boy, sympathize on the HOT.

  4. Wow, is that the new trend in bathroomdecorations?? Oh, hope it will be solved soon, and that you no longer need the umbrella. It is amazing to have such good friends, however long the time between you speak it is just to continue from last time. Good to know they are there. I love carrot orange, it is going to be beautiful! And so is your Villane!! You know, yarn always makes thing better! I get sooo happy when I look at my stash, and get even happier when I add more skeins to it so it grows bigger, and bigger, and bigger :-) And what a lucky girl you are, that bag is awesome! Just look at the orange color! And together with the light blue, hmm a new idea for color combination - did I mention that I LOVE orange :-)