Monday, March 29, 2010

Why I have not been blogging much lately

Or knitting much to be honest.

Before: (note the incredibly sexy rust brown paint in the middle of the blue, also the white patches where the wall was repaired, and the general dinginess of the paint)

After primer:

With nice bright happy paint!

This took all weekend. Also, we painted the weekend before and we will be painting Georgia's room next.

And here's why Georgia hasn't been knitting or blogging much (despite the fact that she can't knit, read or write):

She "helped" to paint. And then put herself down for a nap that lasted about four hours. Awesome. Maybe we should do this every weekend. :)

Side note, actually about knitting: The February Lady is coming along beautifully. Got the body completed and am about halfway down one sleeve. Should be done by the end of the week.


  1. That's a lovely new color! Maybe the paint fumes did her in?

  2. I love a fresh coat of paint! If it weren't for the work, I'd change my wall colors every week. If only there were some button I could push that would change the paint color...

    Aww snugglebunny! So sweet!

  3. The "before" pictures don't quite capture the Tennesee Williams squalor of the room. And now it glows!

  4. I never remember just how long it takes to paint... until I do it again. heh Looks SO much better though every time and I always wonder why it took me so long to do. Great job! And what a great way to wear out the kiddo! =)

  5. so that's the secret to getting in betweeners to take a nap ... i wish i'd known! how nice is a room after painting?

  6. That's a lovely new color - love it! It always surprise me how long it takes to paint some walls - everytime lol.

  7. what a lovely warm sunny color--I so hate people who do their entire apartment in white.

    YOu know that you are entitled to a free paint every 3 years by NYC law? (if you have some more before images--you might be able to talk your landlord into a discount (for 1 month) on your rent--my parents did that all the time.. they 'signed off" that the apartment had been painted (we painted!) and got a free months rent--it worked well for everyone. the landlord couldn't have hired a painter for 1 months rent (back in rent control days-the rent was very low)--and my parents used the rent to pay for 1 week-at a summer place. A win-win!

    since you started with dark rusty brown (and needed what -2 coats of primer just to cover the brown?) and you repaired the walls.. you deserver something!

  8. I admit I had been wondering where you went. I like the new color :-)