Tuesday, March 2, 2010

She's baack... With pix.

I'm feeling better. Tummy is still having some issues, but for the most part, I'm doing ok.

We had a TON of snow last week, and Georgia ended up coming to work with me, which was a blast. I still get a goofy smile on my face when I think about her running up and down the hall yelling at the top of her lungs.

Bread baking is going swimmingly, which is wonderful. I'm on my second batch of dough and Bruce showed me how to shape baguettes the other night.

We also went to the Botanical Gardens and got a sneak (literally) peek at the Orchid show which opened last weekend.

Here is a shot of the Francis Revisited. One sleeve is done, the other is in progress, and I have yet to start the cowl, although given how fast the first sleeve went, I might start the cowl tomorrow night.

It's quite a bit of fun to knit, and I'm really enjoying it. I also made the sleeves full-length because the elbow length just didn't make sense for me right now.


  1. So glad you are feeling a bit better! It sucks when the tum isn't feeling well- my mister just got over the flu. Yuck!

    Love the sweater so far. You're a really fast knitting!

  2. "Elbow length just didn't make sense for me right now."

    You know, this raises some interesting questions. Is this just a momentary elbow length rejection or are you just not in an elbow length place in your life? What are the broader implications of this elbow length period? Do I need to keep an eye on the cat?

    Inquiring minds want to know!

  3. Glad you are feeling better! It can be fun bringing kids to work, but it all depends of the mood they are in lol. Great sweater, wow you are a fast knitter! Regarding the flowers in my post, I have no idea what kind it is. It is an archive photo from last summer when we visited the Vigeland park in Oslo.

  4. your francis is looking so pretty!

  5. Enjoy your bread!

    I have an award for you!


  6. I'm so glad to hear your feeling better. You have current pictures of flowers...oh I want some spring! If I hadn't found in Lyle's syrup by now I would so have taken you up on your offer to visit the bronx and find some. Except for I don't think I'm cool enough for New York... Love the sweater. Still a tad envious of all the great progress your making!