Monday, December 14, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

I hereby resolve to get the designs knocking around in my head on paper. At least by the end of January, but I'm not sure if I can wait that long.

At this moment, I have two designs that I want to make. Both sweaters. Both using colorwork, which I haven't done yet. Heh.

This should be interesting. I see swatching in my near future.

Maybe I should complete a color work project?

The Cheating has to stop!

This morning went back to Bruce's sweater. No more cheating on it with other projects until I'm effing DONE.

I'm 16 inches up one sleeve. So only six or seven more inches to go. I'm still astoundingly unpleased with how the ribbing is looking. It still just sucks on the left hand edge between knits and purls. On the other hand, this edge sucked on the tea cozy, and blocking completely took care of that problem. I agitated the heck out of the tea cozy when I was blocking it. So I think I'm going to block the sleeves before I actually attach them to the body of the sweater to see what happens.

The plus side is, the sleeve is going pretty fast, when I'm actually working on it. The downside is, I HATE THE NEEDLES I'm working on them with. They're bamboo. I think I've used this brand before and just don't enjoy the finish on them. They're too sticky. I can't remember what brand they are. They were cheap, so at least they have THAT going for them. Bleh.

I might have to go pick up some decent needles today on my lunch break. It'll make the knitting go faster anyway.

Future Projects

It is friggen COLD in NYC. Well, it'll get there eventually. We had a taste of the cold last week, and my neck did not like it at all. So I'm in the market for a really big chunky scarf that is warm as hell (and not at all itchy).

I am a delicate flower. I must be warm and itch-free.

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    I think we need to go to sweater counseling. I don't know if I can deal with your skeinky behavior.