Monday, December 7, 2009

The Koolhaas is done!

I wore it all weekend. Well, except for Saturday when it was raining/snowing. I like a brim to keep the weather off my glasses on days like that.

Anyway, the Koolass (still cracks me up, Janey) had is done, someday when I'm near a camera and sunlight all at the same time, I'll post a picture.

Also, I'm about halfway through a sleeve for Bruce's sweater. The sleeves are going superfast.

I got lots of good knitting time in this weekend, mostly because we went to Brooklyn to Sunday dinner at a friend's apartment last night, and that was a good two and a half hours of subway time. There really isn't quite anything like happily knitting with your daughter asleep in your lap.

Although I did, at one point, have a slightly crazy guy sitting next to me asking incessant questions and then mimicking the motions of my hands for a few stops. Snort. Gotta love New York, right?

So that's about it for an update. Can't wait to post pix of the Koolhaas...

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